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Welcome to Oxford Fencing Club 

If you're on Facebook, please join our group. 

Updates and Events


The Easter period is almost upon us but that is not a reason to stop fencing!  The only session the club is not operating is Friday 18th April - Good Friday.  Tuesdays are completely unaffected.

Summer Term Dates

Tuesday 22nd April – Friday 4th July

Radley Hall (Tuesdays only)

Tuesday 8th July – Tuesday 5th August

Foil Awards Scheme

The club will be starting the BFA Foil Awards scheme on 24th January with Level 1. Further details can be found at

If you are a club member and would like to apply for the level 1 foil awards and have not already spoken to James Kingston please let him or Peter know on Friday 24th at the club.

The awards run up to level 9 and at the end of each level you will receive a badge and certificate. Please note the club are subsidising the scheme and will need each member to pay £2 per level. Email Peter at for further details.

Intermediate foil course

The club will be running an intermediate foil course for OFC members starting on 21st Feb for 4 Fridays, finishing on March 14th.

This is ideal for those who have recently finished the beginners’ course or are in their first couple of years of fencing. The course cost is £40. Please email Peter at to register your place.

Fencing beginners’ course

The next beginners course starting March 21st is now full. We will be running another later in the year so please check back for further information


Spring Term Dates 2014
Friday 3rd January – Tuesday 15th April


Senior Members
As we enter the new season, I encourage you all to think about competing.
The OFC  calendar and our Competition  page has details for upcoming competitions, the events listed are generally all under 2 hours drive, so the list is not exhaustive. You can find more events at: BFA and Southern fencing  
If anyone is short of inspiration, check out the FIE channel on YouTube, with excellent HD, super slow-motion footage for the World Championship 2013  here or this pretty cool promotion  video!
For more details speak to the Events Secretary Danny Pooley, especially if you are unsure about which competition to go to, or your own ability level.


AGM Minutes

The Minutes of the AGM held on 28th June are now available  here.

Recent Competition Results

British Youth Championships, Sheffield

Congratulations to the seven OFC fencers who have qualified to represent the Southern Region in the up-coming BYCs.  Our fencers are spread across all three weapons at all age groups showing that our young fencers are a very talented bunch! 

U18: James Fotherby (sabre)

U16: Alexander Hardie (foil, epee, sabre), Ben Schneider (epee)

U14: Ali Cornforth (epee), Heloïse Hardie (foil, epee)

U12: Messina Herrling (epee), Noé Larousse (foil)


European Cadet Championships, Jerusalem, 24th February

Ben Schneider, representing GBR, finished 36th in a field of 86 fencers. He had a really excellent poule result, ranked 19 after the poules, then got knocked out 15-11 by fencer representing Ireland. He was glad to finish in the top half as he will receive ranking points for future events.  Ben was also in the epee team which finished 8th out of the 19 countries


Cadet & Junior British Championships, Newham, 8th/9th February
The weekend saw back-to-back three weapon competitions, Cadet u17s on Saturday and Junior u20s on Sunday.  Ben Schneider fenced in both epee competitions.  On Saturday he was disappointed to finish only 23rd Cadet epeeists but made amends on Sunday in the older Junior age group, finishing 24th of the 57 fencers.  Meanwhile, in the Cadet foil Alexander Hardie was ranked 55th in the field of 79 and Heloïse 21st of 48 girls (Heloise's first competition in the age group).  A special mention should go to ex-OFC member Lydia Stanier, who made a special trip back from Germany, and won bronze in the Cadet epee and a very impressive gold in the Junior epee.



Challenge CEP  Marathon Fleuret , Paris, 1st/2nd February
This is a huge competition which takes two days to complete, with fencers being eliminated after every round.  Alexander Hardie fenced in under-17 category, fencing began at 7:30am (that's 6:30am UK time!).  He avoided the cut after the first round of poules but unfortunately the second round poule proved too strong and he was knocked out.  He was ranked 209th of the 223 fencers.  Meanwhile, Heloïse Hardie was fencing for the England squad in the 'minimes' under-15 category.  She beat 'the cut' during the first two round of poules.  Her day was then completed with a mini Last 32 competition of lower ranked fencers who competed for the remaining eight places of qualifiers for Sunday.  In Heloise's last bout she was 6-6 with a French girl, so they went into extra time with each needing just one hit to make the second day of the competition.  The pressure was on but Heloïse came good and made the valuable hit.  Then Sunday started again at silly o'clock with another poule.  Unfortunately Heloïse didn't win a bout - losing one 4-5 in extra time - but spectacularly managed to frustrate a top French seed by restricting the score of the bout to just 0-3.  It was very amusing to see the other girl questioning the referee, her foil, Heloise's lame, anything to explain her lack of hits, when of course the answer lay in Heloise's hard work.  Nonetheless, Heloise's Parisian adventure was over; she was ranked 98th of 266 fencers.